A Well That Keeps Flowing

About the Book


A Well That Keeps Flowing is an easy-to-read presentation of CCI Co-Counseling, the 21st Century’s most powerful self-counseling therapeutic modality.  Both long-term practitioners and people new to this planet-wide method of personal transformation will find this book stimulating and informative. The author took four years and four complete drafts to finish this uplifting book. After each draft critical feedback from people within Co-Counseling and from people who were not familiar with the process was received and utilized to improve the book.

The book is upbeat, positive, easy-to-read with concepts that are easy to grasp. The author figuratively holds the reader’s hand as they examine the beliefs that underlie this self-directed process. The lightness of the writing along with the shortness of chapters allows the readers the space to digest the psychological basis of the material presented. Explanations of important concepts are simple and presented in ordinary language. The mood at times is joyous leaving readers with a positive sense of themselves as a wonderfully human and good to the core.

The author, Fred Wallace, who for the past twenty-five years has taught Co-Counseling to hundreds of people across the United States and Europe, starts his exploration of Co-Counseling with the story of how he got involved with this time-tested self-improvement technique. He then lays out the beliefs and practices at the center of its culture. He takes the reader on a journey through the key elements involved providing a clear explanation of the energy dynamics that sustain its radical, transformational powers to heal past hurts and create a loving, meaningful life.