A Well That Keeps Flowing

About Fred Wallace


Fred Wallace, Ph.D., has been teaching Co-Counseling across the United States and in Europe for twenty-five years. He profoundly changed his life creating a life he loves using the skills, techniques, and process of Co-Counseling. From this place of personal empowerment he began teaching and has witnessed the positive changes this healing/growth modality has brought to others. The profound changes he has witnessed served as the motivation for him to write this book.

Fred Wallace was born in New Haven, Connecticut and holds numerous degrees from the University of Connecticut. He launched a career consulting for small towns and nonprofit organizations, after teaching in a drug rehab center near his home. He moved from consulting to being the executive director of several public housing authorities where he felt he could make a more positive influence in the world.

His practice of Vipassana meditation, tai chi, and yoga led him to become a certified instructor of rebirthing and transformational breathing. These practices led him to become a Co-Counseling teacher in 1990, Wallace has served as part of the organizational leadership of Co-Counseling International–USA, was a charter member of Co-Counseling International Teachers of Northeastern United States, and has served on the organizing committee of the Connecticut Men’s Gathering for many years. He is a member of a co-creating inquiry group that meets throughout the year. He has instructed hundreds of students in New England, California, New Zealand, and Europe, and led many personal growth workshops.

He is a writer, poet, artist, father, grandfather, companion, friend, canoeist, traveler, hiker, and coffee drinker. He maintains a weekly Co-Counseling practice at his home which has become known as “The Co-Counseling House.” He takes delight in his married daughter and one grandson for whom he babysits on a regular basis.