Co-Counseling Explained


What it is:,  Co-Counseling is the people’s therapy. It is a practice!!! It is not something you do once or twice and think you have it. It is a well that keeps flowing and one of the first things you need to learn if your practice is going to be beneficial is to trust your gut and heart. In this way you can change the habits and patterns learned in childhood that keep you from living fully as an adult. It puts you in charge of your life.

Co-Counseling is a peer process involving two people who share time in a session to heal past and present hurts, to celebrate growth, and make intentional change. Session work is at the heart of this self-directed, self-help modality and because sessions are between peers, all sessions are free. There are two roles in a session—the self-counselor and the co-counselor. For the first half a session one person is in the role of a self-counselor and the other is in the co-counselor; in the second half of the session they switch roles. The self-counselor determines the type of support she or he wants from the co-counselor. A contract for that support is agreed upon by both people and it always includes an agreement to hold the content of the session in strict confidence.

These sessions have the power and grace to energetically envelop you as you inquire into your life. You work on what you want to work on within the absolute safety of confidentiality. In these sessions you can speak your truth, feel and engage your emotions, and use your time to create solutions to the issues you are facing. It is the perfect place to deal with stress and anger issues.

Co-Counseling puts you in the driver's seat of your life as you steer your life toward the wellness you desire. The well of Co-Counseling allows people to tap into the energy they need to shed the societal constraints that keep them separate from their own humanity and trapped in roles and patterns that do not serve them. If you are curious about your life, have issues such as stress that don’t seem to go away, or you want to move your life toward your dreams, you can tap into the Co-Counseling well and keep your life flowing.

Co-Counseling is a celebration of our body, mind, and spirit! It is for people who are already managing their lives in an aware, conscious manner and want to bring more joy, and fulfillment to their lives. It is fully compatible with 12-step recovery programs and enhances most traditional professional therapy.

Benefits of Co-Counseling:

•  We break up behavior and thought patterns that block us from having what we want in life.

•  We learn to focus our attention where we choose . . . and not get caught reacting automatically to other people's behavior.

•  We set directions and take action steps to support the changes we want to make in our lives.

•  We gain freedom in experiencing and expressing our feelings in healthful, affirming, and safe ways.

•  We learn to listen in a unique way that can make a difference at work and at home.

•  We develop skills and ease in celebrating and validating the good in ourselves and others.

How it Started: Co-Counseling International (CCI), aka Co-Counseling, started in 1973 as an offshoot of Re-Evaluation Counseling (RC) which had begun in the Seattle area in the 1950s. It is a confederation of independent co-counseling communities and individuals, stretching around the world.

The Co-Counseling Community: Co-Counseling has grown significantly since it began in 1973. In the United States and other countries regional and international workshops attract many co-counselors. In the United States Co-Counseling is clustered in New England, Michigan and the Bay Area of California.